Activities for the community

The activities for the community include the coordination of voluntary work in Järvenpää, multicultural work, as well as living room activities. Volunteers work with the elderly and immigrants, and also in our living rooms. Rinkula's volunteer work office offers you the opportunity of having a volunteer to help you. Louhela's living rooms are Rinkula, Jamppa and as well as Nurmijärvi's living room-flea market.

You are welcomed to participate in all of our activities. Most of our activities are completely free of charge for all participants. 

More information: 040 585 7589 / Jyrki Brandt (or


Living rooms are lively meeting places 

Living rooms are open for everybody. There you can meet and have a chat with people, drink a cup of coffee or have a bite of a tasty Finnish food. The living room is the time for discussion and a cup of coffee in a relaxed atmosphere in mind. The living room is both the heel  and the Finnish immigrant background. For immigrants is excellent place to strengthen the Finnish language.  The opportunity to use the Internet, read both Finnish and English - language newspaper. 

Rinkula’s living room 

is located at  the city centre of Järvenpää. It is open on Weekdays (Mon-Fri) from 10am to 2pm. Address: Louhelakuja 1, Järvenpää.

Jampan aluetupa  

is a living room at the Jamppa district. Open Weekdays from 10am to 2pm. Address: Haltianpolku 1, Järvenpää.

Nurmijärvi tupakirppis

The flea market and the living room. Discover bargains and meet people. Open Weekdays from 9am to 5pm and Sat 10am-2pm. Address: Punamullantie 12 A, Nurmijärvi.



Settlementi Louhela Civic Centre organizes a variety of clubs and groups. Most of the activities are completely free of charge and located in Rinkula if not else stated:
       11am chair gymnastics
       4pm – 5.30pm Finnish language club in Verso (address: Myllytie 3)
      12 noon Mölkky game  
      1pm English language club
      2.30pm - 4pm Finnish language club
      11am Relax-stretching
       12 noon Singing club
       1.15pm Writing club
       1pm Stage dance (on the first Wednesday of the month)
       2.30pm - 4pm Finnish language club
       4pm Knitting club
      11am Free snack table
       1pm English language club
       2.30pm - 4pm Finnish language club
       4pm Musacorner (music club once a month)
       5.30pm floorball for job seekers
       5.30pm-7pm Men's living room in Kerava city (even weeks)
      12 noon Bingo game
      2.30pm - 4pm Finnish language club in Kerava city
      3.30pm – 5pm International Youth club
      3pm – 4.30 Sports club for youth and adult