Louhela in English

Settlement Louhela is a religiously and politically independent, non-governmental organization that is formed by Setlementti Louhela ry and Louhelan juhla- ja pitopalvelu Oy (catering service). These services are available for all of our neighbors. Setlementti Louhela's purpose is to strengthen and build-up communities in which true and genuine everyday encounters and sharing are possible. These activities allow growing together as individuals, as well as influencing our environment. Our work is based on a partnership with the local people.

We are part of the international Settlement movement that is spread all around the world. 

Our activities are based on two policies. Parts of our work are non-governmental activities, with the aim of helping people to find meaningful participation, as well as opportunities to be empowered and take responsibility for their own lives. The other part of our work is to produce social and educational services according to people's needs.

Growth and education are emphasized in all Louhela's activities.

The basic values of our work are

  • Realisation of charity, the love of our neighbor, through the everyday life 

  • empowering communities

  • cooperation among different people

Activities are driven by values

  • respect for individual's rights

  • finding the richness in diversity

  • trusting person's and community's ability to independently solve their own problems

  • Raising our activities from local needs

  • believing in a possibility of personal friendship and connection over all borders

  • equality of all people

  • committing to improve life quality of those who are in weaker life situation